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We provide complete solution for your office and business telecommunications needs. It includes:

    ▪ One or more VoIP phone lines
    ▪ One or more V-Series Digital Phone
     Systems to process phone calls
    ▪ PSTN equipment for severs to talk to
     your regular phone line, if required
    ▪ Routers as per requirement
    ▪ Networking as per requirement
    ▪ IP Phones and/or ATAs for existing
     analog phones
    ▪ Web based Interfaces to check your
     voicemails, recordings, call logs, etc.
    ▪ Server configuration according to
     your specific needs

IP phones and ATAs setup
    ▪ Education on setting up your phones
     and deal with the installed software

Please call us for more details on how can we benefit you with our services.

In near future we are going to launch services for residential customers. This will enable residential customers with access to high speed Internet to put their home phones on VoIP.  Details about it will be added here soon.


V-Series Digital Phone Systems are complete telecommunications platforms installed in your office to handle your telephone calls. They come with  multiple phone lines and a lot of other useful features on top of standard calling features good for business needs. These additional features include


  ▪ Web Based Interfaces


  ▪ Voicemail and Voicemail to Email DETAILS
  ▪ Call Forwarding


  ▪ Call Waiting DETAILS
  ▪ Call Transfer DETAILS
  ▪ Caller ID Blocking DETAILS
  ▪ Caller ID DETAILS
  ▪ Travelling DETAILS
  ▪ Area Code Selection DETAILS
  ▪ Call Hunting DETAILS
  ▪ Music on Hold DETAILS


  ▪ Automated Attendant and IVR


  ▪ Call Recording and Monitoring DETAILS
  ▪ Call Parking DETAILS
  ▪ Call Queuing DETAILS
  ▪ Roaming Extensions DETAILS
  ▪ Call Conferencing DETAILS
  ▪ Blacklists DETAILS
  ▪ Block Telemarketers DETAILS
  ▪ Music-on-Hold and Streaming DETAILS
  ▪ Transcoding DETAILS
  ▪ Directory, First or Last Name DETAILS
  ▪ IP and Regular Phones DETAILS
  ▪ Automated Call Distribution DETAILS
  ▪ Paging DETAILS
  ▪ Route by Caller ID DETAILS
  ▪ Remote Offices Support DETAILS
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