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V-series VoIP Phone Systems
We have V-1000, V-2000, V-3000 and V-4000 series of VoIP Phone Systems. They differ in their simultaneous call handling power. Where a small office needs V-1000 for only 1-2 lines, a bigger office may need a few V-4000 for its 15 or more lines in each of its branch which can also act as a Call Centre solution.

IP Phones and ATAs
We provide various different types of IP phones and also provide Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA) according to customer specific requirements

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PBX - Private Branch Exchange, in traditional sense, is a private telephone switching device which connects to external phone lines and internal phone extensions. Thanks to Open Source VoIP based technologies, now PBX can do much more than that. It can attend your calls, recognize the caller ID, block the unwanted caller IDs, answer the calls depending upon the time of day or day of week, or any special occasion; it can record and monitor calls, put calls in queues and play music or live radio for the caller until the called person becomes free to answer his call, or sends callers to the voicemail. Possibilities are limitless on such systems and they can be programmed to do whatever you want them to do.


Asterisk IP-PBX Setup
Asterisk based PBX setup right from the scratch or on existing computer network.

Asterisk Based Systems Consulting
We also provide consulting services for existing Asterisk based systems. This includes dial plan customization, installation of additional features, etc. 

Call Centre Setup
Call Centre setup for any size and any structure.

Dial Plan Customization
Customization of existing dial plans on Asterisk servers.
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