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  VisionVoIP is a service company specializing in consultancy of Open Source VoIP products for  enterprise telecommunications solutions.

  After establishing user requirements, we plan and install a complete telecommunication system which includes a telecommunication server and IP Phones and/or ATA adapters for non-IP regular phones. If needed, we also do networking. Once the system is setup, we configure it according to your specific needs and educate you on how to maintain and manage it.

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Our Mission
  Is to solve challenging technical problems in partnership with our clients. VisionVoIP understands the business needs of its clients, and how technology can be a tool to make modern businesses more profitable.

  We are driven by your continued satisfaction with our services. We represent you, the customer. We are not some big corporation where you are just another account number interrupting someone's day.

We are a total independent company with no corporate relationship with any manufacturer or equipment supplier. In this way, we are able to advise clients regarding the selection of equipment based purely upon performance and price

Our Goal
 Our goal is to make the Enterprise Class Telecommunications solutions affordable for businesses of all sizes. Thanks to VoIP technologies, this is not a dream any more. Our systems are simpler, scalable, flexible, more productive and reduce operating cost of business communications
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